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How to Measure the Impact of Your Nonprofit’s Programs

As a nonprofit organization, it’s important to measure the impact of your programs to understand how effectively you’re achieving your mission and goals. Measuring impact can help you make data-driven decisions, communicate your impact to stakeholders, and improve the effectiveness of your programs. Here are some steps for measuring the impact of your nonprofit’s programs:…

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How to Create an Effective Nonprofit Marketing Plan

Nonprofit organizations rely on effective marketing strategies to raise awareness, attract donors, and promote their mission. However, developing a successful nonprofit marketing plan can be challenging, especially for those with limited resources and budgets. Here are some steps to help create an effective nonprofit marketing plan: In conclusion, creating an effective nonprofit marketing plan requires…

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Send bulk & customized emails with Gmail & Google Sheets for Free!

Automatically populate an email template with data from Google Sheets. The emails are sent from your Gmail account so that you can respond to recipient replies. How it works: You create a Gmail draft template with placeholders that correspond to data in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Each column header in a sheet represents a placeholder…

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